The DC Universe Online sequel's Marvel universe has been canceled

The DC Universe Online sequel's Marvel universe has been canceled

Remember when DC Universe Online was constructing a Marvel MMORPG back in November? Well, you knew, the one that was led by Jack Emmert, co-founder of Cryptic Studios, and designer of City Of Heroes, who had it terminated by Enad Global 7.

Enad Global 7 said the cancellation was caused by the board deciding they would modify the development priorities and reallocate resources within the group instead. So, the 500 million Swedish krona (40 million) they had allocated for the Marvel MMO in the past three years, referring to several smaller investments. These include previously announced major upgrades for The Lord Of The Rings Online and DC Universe Online, along with original intellectual properties.

Daybreaks DC Universe Online has been trapping into phone booths since 2011, so its getting on a bit now, although it is still somewhat ancient as World Of Warcraft. Richard Cobbett said the DCUO was once again a bit more effective by the end, revealing that it was still a much more modern game, but it is still the best choice for your friends or family.

If you were looking forward to a Marvel on your desktop then there''s always the recently revealed Marvel Snap CCG that''s going to be released later this year on PC, I believe. Or you may always change your friends and have a pop at the free-to-play DCUO on Steam.

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