PlayStation VR2 will launch over 20 games

PlayStation VR2 will launch over 20 games

At its next PlayStation VR 2, there will be over 20 first-party and third-party games available.

In a business briefing by Sony on its "Game and Network Services Segment," the announcement was made today.

According to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in a briefing, "there is a substantial amount of money being invested with independent and other third-party developers in order to ensure a large spectrum of attractive VR content at PlayStation VR2''s launch," according to the group.

"As the headset core for PlayStation VR 2 grows, energy, effort, and money will continue to grow."

At CES, Sony announced the PlayStation VR 2 as well as its technical details in January.

The headset features integrated cameras to monitor head movements, along with 4K HDR OLED panels that allow for a 110-degree view at 90 or 120Hz.

There are also new controllers, called the PlayStation VR2 Sense, that feature the same trigger effect as the PlayStation 5''s DualSense controller.

It also announced the first headset game to launch, the Horizon spin-off titled Horizon Call of the Mountain.

We''ll have to wait a little longer to obtain Sony''s release date or pricing details.

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