Springwatch 2022: air date, location, wildlife, presenters, interviews, and more you need to know

Springwatch 2022: air date, location, wildlife, presenters, interviews, and more you need to know

BBC Two is planning a series that will feature puffins catching, foxes denning, and young boars foraging. Chris Packham, Megan McCubbin, Iolo Williams, and Michaela Strachan are all battling for a new series from Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk.

Here''s all you need to know about BBC Two in 2022...

Springwatch 2022 release date

On BBC Two, on Monday, May 30, at 8pm, and runs from Monday to Thursday live for the next three weeks. After every episode on BBCiPlayer, you may catch up.

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan discuss what''s going on in Springwatch 2022

As presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan uns previously disclosed it will be a busy week...

Chris, who will host us all the live shows in the next three weeks, says, "We have some amazing stories."

"I cant wait," says Michaela of the number of nests and variety of birds we had last year, so it''s exciting to be returning knowing well that so many nests to concentrate on. That''s how we see chicks hatch and what they learn. I''m looking forward to seeing buzzards, kestrels, and marsh harriers as well."

"It will not be about the feathered and furry. We can continually embrace underdogs like invertebrates. One of the highlights of last years show was tagging myself in a mating swarm of midges that had formed into a tight, upright column. I called it a midge-nado! "You never know what you''re going to see.

Megan McCubbin on Springwatch 2022

In the midst of rough cuttlefish, jumping spiders, and wild badger births, Iolo Williams will be observing nests, ponds, and meadows on the Isle of Mull. Meanwhile, Chris Packhams step-daughter, Megan McCubbin, is taking a road trip across England.

"Ill have a camera on a puffins nest on Coquet Island on the Northumberland coast, hoping the eggs hatch as we go live," Megan said. "And we will visit an allotment in Newcastle city center, where we know there are foxes denning and hedgehogs. We want to showcase urban wildlife. It''s time to give a little bit of love to the wildlife in our cities."

Mindfulness Moments in Springwatch 2022

The presenters uncovered more about this most popular part of Springwatch.

Megan says she thought viewers would like them, but she said, "We didn''t think people would love them as much as they do." They have struck a nerve, which she believes is fantastic.

"We all need a bit of mindfulness right now. The world is a ruthless and troublesome city that was desperately needing to reconnect with nature, wildlife, and the outdoors," says Michaela. More mindfulness programs would aid a lot of people with their mental health.

"I believe the tone of COVID-19 has probably changed in a positive way. When it comes to nature and people dealing with it, we have focused more on health and wellbeing, and that will continue.

Three presenters revealed how they practice mindfulness and relax in nature...

Chris says: "By walking my dogs and seeing the daily changes in the colours, sounds, and smells of the season," he says.

"It''s that simple being by the ocean makes me happy," Megan says.

"Hiking." Michaela says: "I live on the footprint of a mountain, and hiking calm my mind." Nature brings so much joy and happiness."

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