Part 4 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Dragon Majesty: Litten & Salandit

Part 4 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Dragon Majesty: Litten & Salandit

Bleeding Cool''s journey through the era of the the continues. Now that the spotlight series has expanded through the first eight blocks of this block ( base,, and ) then it''s time to look at the next set from this era: was released on September 7th, 2018 which is less than a month after. This is the second special set from this era, which means that it does not have in its title and was released in special branded products rather than booster boxes. Today, we begin off our

  • Litten: Unlike the Charmander and Torchic evolutionary lines, Litten here isn''''t followed by its two evolutions. I''''m really happy to get this Pokemon in here, though, as it is my personal favorite Fire-type starter. IllustratorRyota Murayama draws a sullen yet adorable Litten here who like he is standing guard to his Alola-based home in the background, keeping an eye out for any looming Dragons who are coming later in the set.
  • Salandit: Speaking of adorable, we have a Salandit here drawn by artistMAHOU who looks like he''''s posing for the camera. This total ham of a Salandit is such a nice addition to this set, and looking at it makes me appreciate how a set titled isn''''t simply focusing on ferocious Pokemon but gets a lot of that much-needed cuteness element in there as well.
  • Salazzle: ArtistNaoki Saito draws a beautiful and intimidating Salazzle, who perches on a rock as magma blasts out behind it. The appealing mix of warm and cool tones shows Saito''''s mastery of colors.

Stay tuned for the continued journey through. Click the Dragon Majesty icon below to look back on this series. Next time, this journey follows the main section of this set.

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