Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix project is in development

Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix project is in development

Sony has announced that a Horizon Zero Dawn TV project for Netflix is in the works.

Sony said in a recent letter to investors that it is developing a God of War TV show for Amazon and a new Gran Turismo pitch.

Horizon''s plot details, or any of the above projects, are missing, nor is there a reason to see them come up. Still, anyone at Sony is getting in touch with Rose Leslie right now and questioning her availability.

These latest three TV projects include additional three video game adaptations which Sony also listed as part of its presentation documentation: HBO''s currently-shooting The Last of Us series, a Ghost of Tsushima movie, and a Twisted Metal show for NBC''s Peacock.

The Last of Us, which is expected to be released on HBO in 2023, has been cast. Joe, a Game of Thrones alum, has been cast as Joel. Bella Ramsey will play Ellie.

Neve Campbell, who plays Raven in the Twisted Metal series, was previously selected. Anthony Mackie, who plays John Doe in the lead role of John Doe. Tom Haden Church, and Stephanie Beatriz, both stars in the Brooklyn 99 film.

It''s been a while since Sony''s Ghost of Tsushima adaptation, which looks further off. Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick, and the writer Takashi Doscher have both been linked. According to reports, the adaptation is still in "early development."

The word of the newly-announced Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo projects comes from an audio commentary to the presentation, noted by reliable video game analyst David Gibson.

Three positives in the presentation 1) Horizon (Netflix), God of War (Amazon) and Gran Turismo in TV development 2) Two live service games that will be not Destiny, 3) PC gaming revenues will increase 3.8x in FY3/23 (which I believe is related to live service games) #sony

All of these activities are followed by the successful release of Sony''s ambitious Uncharted film, which, despite some unanswered reviews.

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