Tonight's AEW Dynamite will ruin The Chadster's life for eight reasons

Tonight's AEW Dynamite will ruin The Chadster's life for eight reasons

It''s Wednesday night, and you''ll know what you need to do it! Once more, Tony Khan''s goal to make The Chadster sexually impoverished through his AEW Dynamite wrestling program is, well, unsatisfied! Oh man, this is so unfair!

The Chadster remains a symbol of impartial journalism in a wrestling journalism industry filled with shills that do nothing but kiss AEW''s butt. So The Chadster will list all of the AEW Dynamite matches and segments in a completely fair and objective way, and explain why they are going to RUIN THE CHADSTER''S LIFE!!!

When you consider yourself better than Vince McMahon, who invented pro wrestling, and do not bother to establish a 24/7 Championship division to offer the jobbers something to do. You have someone like John Silver, who is over with the crowd, but is obviously too small to be taken seriously, as he fights with one of his top stars. When will Tony Khan learn?

If there''s one thing The Chadster can''t stand, it''s a person who adopts a sluggish persona and insists on sticking to it no matter what. Tony Nese and Tony stabbed him in the back for no good reason other than the fact that WWE fired him.

It still breaks The Chadster''s heart to know that Adam Cole, who led The Chadster''s beloved WWE NXT throughout the Wednesday Night Ratings Wars, was secretly a double agent working for AEW all along. Now it makes sense that NXT would defeat Dax Harwood, but Harwood is another traitor who was given the chance to have a great gimmick by WWE. For this?

The Chadster believes it''s just so unfair that AEW brings in wrestlers from another country just to give WWE a bad time. It''s not bad enough that AEW teams up with other wrestling companies to bully WWE, but they have to collaborate with other countries, too? Come on!

A match between Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin might easily be the main event a PPV, but Tony Khan is so attempting to make The Chadster miserable by downloading it on free television only to face The Chadster! Tony Khan is completely unhinged and will stop at nothing in his quest to destroy everything The Chadster believes in!

The Chadster hasn''t forgotten Chris Jericho''s mind. He needs a lesson in what it takes to be loyal to WWE, Vince McMahon, and The Chadster as long as he pulls a Cody and returns to WWE quickly!

It''s so disobey that Wardlow has been given a lot of support from AEW when a guy who looks similar to him got his butt kicked on the WWE Raw this week. You might think Tony Khan would be much too adamant to do so, but he has no regret so the contract is on for tonight.

The Chadster isn''t a fan of the misleading meaning behind the FTW acronym, and he doesn''t think The Chadster knows about those cuss words. But he knows, like Vince McMahon, that you should save them for special occasions, like every few months when all the WWE Superstars call each other the B-word. Jungle Boy already has one belt too many, so he hopes his day will not win another.

The Chadster is avoiding watching it because it will only enrage Tony Khan and encourage him to continue with this whole charade, and that''s the reason ''cause Chad said so!''

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