Everything we know about sofar on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Everything we know about sofar on Amazon Prime Day 2022

The Christmas Eve again: Amazon Prime Day! It''s when Amazon celebrates its subscription service with two days of discounts across hundreds of different products across all categories. It''s a way for the company to ensure you''re getting the most out of your subscription with exclusive discounts.

On this page, you''ll find everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day, including information on how to spot the most appropriate discounts and how to be prepared for this mini-holiday of online shopping.

Amazon has set aside two days a year for exclusive discounts on a variety of products across all of the departments they cover. This isn''t just a way for Amazon to stand out from the other retailers, even if it''s Black Friday or the Christmas season when we''re all out shopping for gifts. Last year, Amazon sold over 250 million items around the world during their 48-hour Prime Day event, so you can be certain there will be plenty of deals around.

Amazon is prone to offering discounts on many products compared to others. However, what makes Prime Day special is its exclusivity. Prime memebers are the only individuals who can avail these discounts during these 48 hours. It may even occur during the Black Friday and Christmas season with special, one-off ''lightning'' deals.

Fear not! Even if your Prime membership is a free trial, you may enjoy Prime Day. However, if you''re already a heavy Amazon customer who is interested in its video and music streaming services or subscribeing to Twitch ad-free, then the monthly or annual Prime subscription (7.99/79 respectively) may end up being a bargain for you, especially as these services are bundled with free next-day delivery on many, many items.

Prime day 2022 has been confirmed during July, with no fixed date beyond that. During the first year of the epidemic in 2020, that year''s event was in October, and last year Amazon mixed it up with a June event. The two-day sales event will begin during July, either on the 11th or the 18th, but there has not been a confirmation. This section will be updated when a fixed date is announced.

  • 2021: June 21-22
  • 2020: October 13-14
  • 2019: July 15-16
  • 2018: July 16-17
  • 2017: July 11-12
  • 2016: July 12
  • 2015: July 15

Our first goal is to get Amazon Prime. You can do this with a free trial (and even if you had one previously, if it was earlier, you may be offered one again). You may double-check your current subscription to ensure it doesn''t close early June before Prime Day, or simply play it safe and subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. This will ensure that you enjoy the best pricing throughout the year.

If you''re already in the market for something, you can make several lists, including one for this year''s Prime Day. There''s a small indicator on the product page, which you can now use.

If you''re not a more casual shopper and want to see what the fuss is, then the best thing you can do is go to Amazon''s daily deals page. These are quite comprehensive and categorised into various departments and product categories, thus you''ll benefit from a certain amount of stock identified under each discount, according to percentage availability. This means it''s strongly advised that you''re up early and logged in to ensure you don''t miss out on anything by being late to the game.

In preparation for Prime Day, you may incorporate the item into your basket. It''s an effective strategy, because by the time you log in, the item may still be available, but at a new lower price, ready for you to hit the purchase button. So keep an eye on the fact that if you found a good deal, you should go ahead and purchase it early to avoid disappointment.

Don''t forget the marketplace sellers. They''ll be busy on Prime Day and offering one-time deals on their goods, and these often involve checking a box on the product page to see if the competition is offering a discount. Also, remember that everyone in the country is aware of this Prime Day event, and this means that everyone in the world will not miss out on this shopping holiday.

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