Wordle's Answer for May 13 (Puzzle 328) - Hints, clues, and solution

Wordle's Answer for May 13 (Puzzle 328) - Hints, clues, and solution

This Friday, May 13, it''s your unlucky day, as today''s Wordle answer is so painful.

Youve only got six assumptions to solve the puzzle, as ever, correct letters in the correct position turn green, and correct letters in the incorrect position turn orange.

You will need to utilize all of your deduction powers and it can be incredibly difficult to parse out all five letters to complete a Wordle. So to help out, weve collected some helpful items, a few clues, and the most-important solution to your problem.

Along with the Wordle answer, we have also dropped a running list of previous solutions so you know what to do.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

When you have experienced a little too much Wordle, it may be difficult to even select a word to guess - a nudge in the right direction might you overwind.

Today, there are some letters in unusual places, so it might help to focus on the beginning and the end of the word.

These are your main clues.

  • The answer only contains 1 vowel
  • However, the last letter can stand in for a vowel in some words
  • The answer is unsteady on its feet but merry all the same

These are the three words that have been used in Wordle puzzles this week. They won''t be used twice!

  • #320 - Homer - May 5
  • #321 - Badge - May 6
  • #322 - Midst - May 7
  • #323 - Canny - May 8
  • #324 - Shine - May 9
  • #325 - Gecko - May 10
  • #326 - Farce - May 11
  • #327 - Slung - May 12

Todays Wordle Answer May 13th

Today''s Wordle answer is dreadful.

Because of the position of the s, which you would rather use at the beginning or the end of the word, it may be difficult to guess Wordle in 6 attempts.

Once you have the t and y in the correct place, and probably already eliminated common vowels like a and e, you may hope that you''ve reached the end.

Try these Wordle alternatives if you are still looking for some word guessing action.

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