Here's what you shouldexpect about Amazon Prime Day 2022 gaming deals

Here's what you shouldexpect about Amazon Prime Day 2022 gaming deals

In July, Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place, bringing a wide spectrum of pricing cuts across almost every department. Of course, we''re only interested in all things gaming, such as games and consoles, as well as accessories such as monitors, keyboards, and headsets.

We''ve compiled a list of items we saw reduced last year and what we can expect this year in terms of discounts for each category. When Prime Day 2022 rolls around, we''ll keep this page updated with all the best gaming deals we can find.

Prime Day PlayStation deals

With PlayStation 5 consoles still being difficult to come by, it''s difficult to see a discount on these until soon. However, Amazon did have some stock last year, even if they did fly out in seconds like always. Hopefully we''ll see a stock refresh at Amazon for the console.

Last year, there were plenty of deals on PS4 and PS5 games. Returnal was available for $49 and Final Fantasy VII Remake was just $30. We can anticipate additional discounts on PS5 titles like Returnal, as well as discounts on multiplatform titles on the PS4.

Prime Day Xbox deals

Both Xbox consoles being similar to the PlayStation 5, we''re concerned that significant discounts will be made on either of them. The Series S has almost always been available since its launch, but the Series X is now more widely available.

With games like Far Cry 6, Amazon has a couple of bundles, so it''ll be interesting to see if there''s a contract to be reached. Otherwise, we can anticipate some significant reductions on third-party titles.

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

While only a few Switch console bundles have existed over the years, discounts on all three console versions have been agreed upon individually. However, Nintendo is also facing stock difficulties.

There is something for those who already own a Switch console, which is that Amazon has reduced games in the past, including discounts on first-party titles.

Prime Day 4K TV deals

Saving on big ticket items like a new television in days like Prime Day are a great way to go. And if you''re the owner of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console, upgrading to 4K makes more sense. You''ll get to see the whole extent of these beasts.

Prime Day monitor deals

If you''re looking for a smaller screen, perhaps for your desk and one that does double duty for work, then a monitor is probably the right choice. Amazon is known to discount monitors throughout the year, so we anticipate some better deals on Prime Day, so you can finally upgrade the old one still sitting on your desk.

Prime Day gaming laptop deals

With hardware such as GPUs still in a supply chain, the best way to play right now besides a console is a gaming laptop. Some still allow you to upgrade memory and storage down the line, thus you won''t be disappointed by abandoning the desktop.

Prime Day SD card deals

If you own an Android smartphone, you''ll almost certainly have to pay for a microSD card to keep a lot of games with you. This goes for the smallest users who wish to have a console that you own.

Prime Day VR headset deals

It''s not uncommon that VR headsets are limited, but large shopping days like Prime Day and Black Friday are when retailers add discounts to their lines. This year, we''re hoping to see some discounts.

Prime Day gaming headset deals

A headset is an essential component of gaming equipment, which is a necessity to make gaming more immersive. It''s also something you''ll need when talking to friends about multiplayer. Today is when accessories are substantially discounted, so we anticipate that many models will be reduced throughout the two day period.

Prime Day keyboard deals

One thing that can immediately improve your life, whether it''s for gaming, for work, or both, is a new keyboard. Amazon is often focused on gaming keyboards, knowing how keen gamers are to upgrade their setups. Prime Day is expected to offer many new discounts on gaming keyboards from trusted manufacturers.

Prime Day gaming mice deals

Gaming mouse is a great way to increase your gaming life, whether it be a mouse with extra programmable buttons or one that is light and easy to use. Many items were discounted during last year''s Prime Day and we may expect a repeat this year, so now is the time to go ahead and click buy.

Prime Day tech deals

On Prime Day, Amazon discounting Kindle and Fire services often, enticing people to make the most of their Prime subscriptions, as well as adding free shows, movies, and books.

We can also anticipate some other agreements, such as non-Amazon tablets and smart home devices, to be reduced, allowing you to upgrade your other gadgets or give someone in your life a generous gift.

On Prime Day, please feel free to follow us on Twitter, where we''ll be covering the Prime Day sale in 2022, as well as usual tweets about the most recent gaming offers and sales.

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