Tony Khan's Details Struggles to Keep All Wrestlers He Signs Busy

Tony Khan's Details Struggles to Keep All Wrestlers He Signs Busy

Every Monday, a wrestling show is difficult. WWE has an entire creative team dedicated to it and they continue to abandon every Monday. In AEW, all of the booking comes down to one man: Tony Khan. And Khan has to work hard to stay on top of all the wrestlers he continues hiring after WWE releases them because they can''t figure anything creative for them to do!

Tony Khan on TSN, who decided to avoid distributing the interview in one piece rather than dividing every topic covered by Khan into a single clickbait article that might last the site for days, explained the struggle of attempting to keep all of those newly signed wrestlers and longtime wrestlers busy.

I spend a lot of time thinking about it, and there are a lot of great people here, who are doing the same, and a lot of people to keep an eye on when it comes to spots available because it''s such a large roster of great pro wrestlers.

Tony, well, you may always stop hiring new wrestlers every two weeks. Just sayin''! He continued:

We strive to do it as much as possible, and it''s so important to me. I spend so many hours a week thinking about how to do that without oversaturating Dynamite, Rampage, and our pay-per-views. We have other great vehicles, such as the "forbidden door," which allows people to go wrestle in other organizations, but we also have our own AEW programming that hundreds of thousands of people watch every week on YouTube with AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation on Monday

Streaming has helped us identify, train, and get the experience of people who have become regulars on television like Powerhouse Hobbs or Finding The Acclaimed separately, and the development of that connection with Caster rapping and Anthony Bowens. In addition to the three hours of TV we have and occasional pay-per-views, there are also some people who have never met and maintained the relationship. Red Velvet, along with a number of other people who have come though AEW Dark, who have continued to grow

Do you believe Tony Khan is doing a fantastic job in the AEW roster? Share your thoughts with us. Or don''t. We will not read anything you say anyway.

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