Astral Radiance Pre-Release Weekend Kicks Off the Pokemon TCG

Astral Radiance Pre-Release Weekend Kicks Off the Pokemon TCG

This weekend, collectors and players will have the opportunity to get an early taste of the next set. Starting today, it returns the pre-release weekend. Wondering how you can participate? Let''s get started.

Pre-release events for are held at tournament-official game stores. These stores often include deck-building, four packs of the new set, and one of four possible Black Star Promos stamped with the set''s logo. This weekend, however, some stores may delay the amount of kits you can purchase. Occasionally, collectors may have to wait until the pre-release weekend has expired and limit the amount of items you may get.

Although stores are prohibited from selling booster boxes or individual packs yet, many stores will provide three additional packs for free with the purchase of a Build & Battle box.

Here''s how to learn more.

Explore a large wilderness like this, where Decidueye, Typhlosion, and Samurott are all featured in the Pokemon TCG: Radiant Pokemon!

Over 180 cards

Three brand-new Radiant Pokemon

8 amazing Pokemon VSTAR

21 powerful Pokemon V and two massive Pokemon VMAX players

The Trainer Gallery has 30 cards with special artwork.

More than 20 Trainer cards are available.

Bleeding Cool''s full coverage of the set is now available. Click here to see the early openings of booster boxes and Elite Trainer Boxes.

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