Ahead of early access, Crossfire: Legion tells us more about units

Ahead of early access, Crossfire: Legion tells us more about units

In their upcoming release of., Prime Matter reveals more information about the types of units you''ll be able to play with. Together with the Smilegate and Blackbird Interactive teams, the team has broken down everything that will be available to you when the game enters Early Access on May 24th. You''ll be getting an array of units to help decide the best strategic moves as well as how to dominate the battleground. That will allow you to get a total of 45 units and six Commanders available at the start. There

Five brand new faction commanders include Eclipse (Global Risk), Freefall (Black List, and Viper (New Horizon), each bringing their own flavor to the battleground, as well as a set of unique skills that can make all the difference in a fight.

Notable Game Features:

  • Intense multiplayer combat (Payload Mode, Versus Mode)
  • A.I. skirmishes
  • Intense co-op
  • A globally-scoped single-player campaign
  • ACT 1 available at Early Access Launch
  • ACT 2, Act 3 and Act 4 will follow during Early Access (launch dates TBC)
  • Ascend the multiplayer leader boards and claim your rightful place as No. 1

Coming Later in Early Access:

  • Improve your tactics by reviewing your last battles using the built-in replay system
  • Create and share your own maps and modes using the level editor tool
  • Find unique community-made challenges via the Steam Workshop

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