APICO, a Beekeeping Simulator, will be released on May 20th

APICO, a Beekeeping Simulator, will be released on May 20th

The beekeeping simulator game from Whitethorn Games and TNgineers was announced on PC on May 20th and 2022. The first game, which was initially initially announced last year, showed pride and stuttered enthusiasm among young people. The two parties sat down and developed a funky game that they called "relaxing, intriguing, and semi-educational."

The beekeeping sim game combines resource gathering, biology, and beekeeping minigames, bringing ideas back to life. On your journey, you''ll discover lost species, cross-breed new bees, and assist in repopulate the islands.

  • Live out your wildest beekeeping fantasies sting free!
  • Unique crafting & beekeeping minigames that drive gameplay progression.
  • Cross-breed different bees to discover over 30 new species.
  • Make and sell honey, Apicola, and other beekeeping products.
  • Repopulate lost species and release them back into the wild.
  • Multiple biomes to explore, each with their own unique bee species.
  • Uncover the forgotten secrets of the APICO islands.
  • Play together with friends in 4 player online co-op!

"What Ell and Jamie have done withis absolutely incredible," said Dr. Matthew White, the CEO of Whitethorn Games. "They''ve done so in a way that allows gaming to convey a vital environmental message." We''re grateful to welcome it into our catalog of games at Whitethorn.

"We''ve always wanted to make games, so it''s so surreal for us to not only finish our own game and have it released into the world," said Ell, co-founder of TNgineers. "We believe beecome has been far more than we imagined it would be, and we''re so proud of it. We hope to inspire people to preserve bees, real and virtual."

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