This week, Team South Town will compete in the King Of Fighters XV

This week, Team South Town will compete in the King Of Fighters XV

SNK has revealed new features about Team South Town''s inclusion and some new features to the game. On May 17, you''ll be getting three new players in the mix with Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Ryuji Yamazaki. Each one one adds their own abilities to the game as a powerhouse trio. Each player will also be getting some boosts or perhaps a nerf or two. Plus the game will be getting a free DJ station to the menu so you can enjoy the soundtrack without

Geese Howard is the head of the Howard Connection, a high-profile business in South Town. He is well-versed in ancient Japanese martial arts and is adept at combating opponent''s attacks with devastating throws. He is a formidable figure of evil.

Billy Kane is a loyalist to Geese Howard and is the second in command in the Howard Connection. He is working with an extended staff that has an excellent range to keep his opponents at bay. Billy is also known as the ''walking deadly weapon'' owing to his hot-blooded personality.

RYUJI YAMAZAKI:Ryuji is a lone outlaw who made a name for himself as a broker in the underground. He is also one of Orochi''s Eight Hakkesshu, but he lives only for his own benefit. In this tournament, he appears to have been hired by the Howard Connection for a certain purpose, although it''s possible that someone is wrong.

A total of 52 fighters will be participating in a game update that will improve the game balance for all of the characters. In addition to Team Garou (three characters), Omega Rugal, and the upcoming Team South Town (three characters) available on May 17, there will be six additional DLC characters.

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