Review of Gun Honey Volume 1: Guilty Pleasure Pulp

Review of Gun Honey Volume 1: Guilty Pleasure Pulp

I tell one of the authors I edit that it''s more challenging than you think to write something with the main meaning: it''s easy to read. At the time, I was thinking of romance novels, but it might just as easily apply to the first collection of. Titan was a fan of the NYCC series last year?

Ang Hor Kheng, whose lines are coloured by Asifur Rahman, describes a fantastically attractive female gunrunner (Joanna Tan) who is slain in service by the US government. It''s more pulp than noir, as Kheng (and perhaps the writer, Charles Ardai) take almost every opportunity to remind you Tan has a formidable rack.

The genre is male gazey as hell, but then again, it''s the same thing with the genre. I''m sure when Hard Case Crime, a publishing company that was founded literally to enthuse works inspired by these early pulp novels, I understand how they get there.

I enjoyed Kheng''s work at its high points, while still putting in preparation for the backgrounds. In the third issue, there''s a particularly large role in a crumbling castle where Kheng and Rahman use an in-panel flashlight to guide the reader and keep the reader guessing what''s in the shadows. Rahman''s palette added flair and character to Kheng''s pages, especially in particularly dark spots.

As for the plot, I admit it kept my attention, and the cliffhangers were excellent. Hard Case Crime and Titan announced a volume two coming. The backmatter in the collection was quite thorough, as it included all of the covers, a couple of short essays, and some pencils.

If Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics can keep the Ardai, Kheng, Rahman, and letterer David Leach together, they''ve got an instantly recognized guilty pleasure on their hands.

In his debut trailer for a sexy weapons smuggler, Charles Ardai will get you the weapon you need, whenever you need it, no matter how difficult it is to. However, when a pistol is thrown out of a high-security prison, Joanna Tan becomes forced to do a job for them: find the man she set loose and bring him down. Gun Honey #14.

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