Pat's Past in Arrowverse Crossover is Confronted by Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E

Pat's Past in Arrowverse Crossover is Confronted by Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E

The whole episode of Earth-Prime, which includes preview pages for : What better way to take a break than to get lost in a three-month, six-week series that really matters to the Arrowverse canon, because the filmmakers'' interests are interacted with and, thus far, it''s up to Courtney aka Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. to save the day, the vacation, and Pat''s life as a result of the whole process.

The first issues for the limited series have been kicked off on April 5th and then pick back on April 19th, with the exception being that on May 3rd and on May 17th. From there, there''s six issues, with each issue''s cover artwork and outline. MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT! If you don''t want the series'' Big Bad to be spoiled for you, here''s a look at the official rundown/overview.

Ryan Wilder, who starred in The CW''s "Batwoman," makes her costumed comic book debut in a story co-written by Natalie Abrams and Kelley Larson, along with artwork by Clayton Henry. Before Clayface''s (making his CW debut), Batwoman will need help from an unexpected source to stop this muddy foe!

The CW''s "Superman & Lois" star Adam Mallinger, Jai Jamison, and Andrew Wong join DC fan-favorite artists Tom Grummett and Norm Rapmund in a film about Clark Kent and Lois Lane''s first anniversary. Especially when world-saving and developing hard-hitting stories continue to spoil your plans! Plus, the true origins of the evil Superman from John Henry Irons'' world are finally revealed!

Lauren Fields and Daniel Park, along with works by Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessy, are putting the retired Legends together for a last go-round, after discovering Mick Rory''s Necrian children have been kidnapped by a group of mysterious Necrian assassins. But is this universe-spanning mission really what it appears? Keep an eye on your Beebos, everyone!

This is a breakdown of the episodes to watch between now and the beginning of May so that people may fully understand what Earth-Prime #3 has to offer (in their own words and originally shared via Twitter).


In any rewatch, you must see how everything all started! Pilot Part 1 and 2

"Marooned" Ray and Kendra start a (doomed) relationship in Episode 9. In Earth-Prime, we learn about it!


Episode 5: "Compromised" Mick gives Ray the Cold Gun to a disastrous effect. Never cross the streams, though! But maybe Jax, in the comic, will have a better handle on it.

Episode 17 of "Aruba" the Legion of Doom!


Episode 9: "Beebo the God of War" is a Legends classic! Jax departs the team and in the comic, we''ll see more of his life following the Legends. And for one, this is also the episode that sparked us to Beebo, who makes multiple appearances in the comic!

Jax''s Return in Episode 18: "The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly" is a great match for Jax''s Journey in episode 9 and here. This is the also epic clash between Beebo and Mallus, which receives a fun callback in our comic!


Nora Dahrk becomes a Fairy Godmother in Episode 15 of "Terms of Service." She''s still going strong during our comic, but she and Ray are going to have a bigger impact in their lives.

Episode 16: "Hey, World!" Ray confronts a very flaw Vandal Savage! Whether Carter and Kendra will say the same thing is another story. Plus, we get to see Heyworld in all its glory!


Mona Wu''s departure as a Legend and is now the new "Rebecca Silver" in episode 2 of "Meet the Legends"

"A Head of Her Time" (Part 5 of "The Legends") Meet Marie Antoinette, who makes a surprising comeo in the comic;)

"Mr. Parker''s Cul-De-Sac" Nora and Ray are married, Nora finds some peace with her father, AND Mick discovers he has a daughter!

"Romeo vs Juliet: Dawn of Justness" Nora and Ray leave the Legends, and Ray pleads with Nate for an emotional goodbye. But Time Bros never say goodbye forever!

Episode 15: "Swan Thong" the Legends defeat the Fates, and we say goodbye to a certain, punk-rock Legend. Oh, and Sara is kidnapped by aliensagain!


Episode 1: "Ground Control to Sara Lance" the introduction of the Necrians, who play a major antagonistic role in our comic.

Sara and Ava''s epic, tear-jerking engagement in Episode 7: "Back to the Finale Part II" plus the setting of a special side story

The (horrific) birth of Mick''s children in Episode 14: "There Will Be Brood"

The Fungous Amongous'' episode 15 of "The Bishop''s defeat," the makeshift Avalance wedding, and Mick''s farewell from the show. We''ll see what he and Kayla have done so far!


The Legends have officially stranded in 1925, partly thanks to Mick. MICK in episode 1 of "The Bullet Blondes."

''The Fixed Point'' is a game changer for us, and there''s more to them than meets the eye. ''Hm,'' you''ll get some insight into these points.

Episode 12 of "Too Legit to Quit" the Legends officially retire for a few weeks anyway. Chronologically, the events of our main story are recorded during this episode!

Episode 13: "Knocked Down, Knocked Up" we meet a curious new character and end on a heavy cliffhanger! Perhaps we''ll see another side of this episode!

Then, the thread to which some "former teammates" made an appearance was ended, and it''s for all of the major episodes to check out! While our story focuses on a core group of Ex-Legends, you may be surprised by how many former teammates from the show''s history appear for a surprise. "We can''t wait for y''all to see it in just two weeks!"

You''re all the best fans ever for having a #RenewLegendsOfTomorrow week! We''ll all do our best to assist you and yourRT!

If this gives you the pleasure to revisit Netflixhere''s a list of things to watch before the release of Earth-Prime Issue 3, out 5/3!

The Legends of Tomorrow Writers Room (@LoTWritersRoom) will be published April 19, 2022.

The Dugan-Whitmore family vacation is in full swing, but something sinister lurks in the woods, destroying Pat Dugan. Will Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. confront Pat''s past and prevent their summer trip, or will it come to a tragic end?

"The Flash" ''The CW''''s "Earth-Prime": Written by Ess Carson and Emily Palizzi with art by David Lafuente, this issue progresses in Impulse and XS, which will air in 2049! When Barry Allen and Iris West leave town for a very long vacation, Bart refuses to leave him on patrol, claiming it''s too dangerous without Barry there. What happens when one of Bart''s classmates from Central City University

Magog has been resurrected by forces to finally free ourselves from their dependency on "heroes" throughout time and universes, and he is focused on solving no issues and bringing no peace to the world. Magog and his allies hope to change everything and help society reach its true potential once and for all.

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