How much is the cost of the Lake Como Comic Art Festival auction done in video?

How much is the cost of the Lake Como Comic Art Festival auction done in video?

The Lake Comoc Comic Art Festival has just held its auction, which is open to all at the show. No buyer''s fee, no taxes, and the highest price bid is the price received. One item will be auctioned by the show at a later date, according to her creator Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri and authored by Frank Cho. The show intends to be a series of collaborative pieces by European and American artists auctioned by the event.

Given the overhead lighting, here are all the pieces as best I could possibly capture them.

150 Euros for Sarah Pichelli

Arthur Adams'' Scooby Doo Velma is 1300 euro.

Mirka Andolfo, Egypt''s 500 Euros

Gabriele Del''Otto''s Moon Knight is available for 1600 Euros.

Giorgio Cavazzano''s Spider-Duck is for 950 Euros.

Andy Kubert''s Wolverine #120 cover will cost 11,000 Euros.

Frank Cho''s Druuna is worth 6250 euros.

GEOf Darrow will be held for 2050 Euros.

Mark Ross'' Superman is priced at 1300 euros.

Alan Davis Young Avengers cover for 3000 euros.

Juanto Guarndo Blacksad illustration for 8000 euros.

950 Euros for Adi Granov''s Black Widow.

Mark Buckingham''s Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man page is worth 550 euros.

At the end of the show, Arthur Adams, Mirka Andolfo, Ryan Benjamin, Federico Bertolucci, Simone Bianchi, Frank Cho, Iban Coello, Olivier Coipel, Giorgio Cavazzano, Helena Masellis, Mike Mayhew, Dave McKean, Tomeu Morey, Zu Orzu, Casey Parsons, Sean Phillips, Dianne Vatt, Javier Koy, Gabriele Dell''Otto, Ric

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