A Comic Store in Your Future: A Trip to Planet Comicon

A Comic Store in Your Future: A Trip to Planet Comicon

After a long period of time, comic conventions are returning. People are feeling the need to come back to normal life. Last month, I visited Kansas City to see the Planet Comicon convention. It was a great experience. It was fast and easy. I got a trade autograph from Garth Ennis. It was quite expensive, though I was not sure what I needed for it. Each comic only cost me $5 each other than the Doom Patrol #118 that I paid $15. All are great deals.

I purchased a 200-variable cover from the Heroes Initiative booth. It was certain it was the least I could do. T-shirts were popular; I purchased a T-shirt and a Prowl T-Shirt. At times, comic conventions have been a rarity. I have visited a few previously where barely any comics were on hand, but Planet Comicon now has a tv network.

I was asked about the price of a few of the behind-the-counter more-expensive comics, but I just gave up because there were so many people on the market. I then realize at my store, I am doing the same thing to my customers. I need to determine how to make the prices more readabletime for me to check out larger stickers to print prices on.

Without cosplay, there is no need to have a comic convention. The cosplay was superb. I was fortunate to see a few photographs with some enthusiastic people.

While I was there, which comic pro had the longest line? Skottie Young with ease. He was signing, and the first five items were free. I screwed up. Before I came down for the convention, I forgot to bring some of his variant covers with me. He appeared to be having a good day.

I had more fun than I imagined. It was a fantastic experience; it had been so long for me that I had forgotten how much fun comic conventions can be.

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