Was It a Killer Friday The 13th Episode of WWE SmackDown Recap 5/13?

Was It a Killer Friday The 13th Episode of WWE SmackDown Recap 5/13?

Fans were surprised when they booked the Tag Team ChampionsRK-Bro to face the Tag Team ChampionsThe Usos in a winner takes all of the championships at. That match never came to be, asRoman Reigns andDrew McIntyre were inserted into the match to make it into a six-man battle last weekend. But the interest is still there, not only from the fans, but also from RK-Bro, who challenged The Usos to a title unification match again and promised

Randy Orton andRiddle hit the ring to kick off the show and explain how The Usos can''t handle anything for themselves and need Roman Reigns to set him up. Instead, Orton coerces Zayn into setting up a match in which he''ll face Riddle, and if Riddle wins, they get the title unification match. Zayn tries to get out andAdam Pearce comes out to set the match for the time being.

Sami Zayn vs Riddle

This week, there''s a strong, fun match for the wrestling season. Riddle wins the BroDerek for the pinfall.

Winner: Riddle

We then go to The Bloodline''s dressing room, where they''re depreciating RK-Bro as on and what they said. The Usos say they''ll make them sorry.

#RKBro will have their answer TONIGHT. #SmackDown @WWERomanReigns @WWEUsos @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/b8BsC46EcD

The 14th of May 2022 WWE (@WWE)

Shinsuke Nakamura first sees Zayn backstage and mocks him.

#SmackDown @ShinsukeN @SamiZayn pic.twitter.com/YvY0IqYUhY

WWE (@WWE) April 14, 2022

Women''s ChampionRonda Rousey goes to the ring and cuts a bad promo before declaring an open challenge for her title, and she''s joined by former Women''s ChampionRaquel Rodriguez, who claims she''ll make history tonight.

Women''s Championship for Raquel Rodriguez against Ronda Rousey

Rodriguez shows off her ability throughout, giving way to some convincing near-falls. Rousey gets Rousey up for the Chingona Bomb, but Rousey pushes through to a roll-up for the pinfall to keep the game.

Winner & Still Champion: Ronda Rousey

The two shake hands out of respect after the match. Awww.

So on the backstage,Shotzi andAliyah yelling at Adam Pearce and alleging they were screwed out of a title shot just now. This was horribly dumb and pointless.

Madcap Moss joins Moss on an in-ring interview with him after seeing him beatHappy Corbin at last weekend. He then shoots Moss with a chair from behind, grabs Moss'' head in the chair, and smashes it on the chair. Ooh!

Naomi vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler Women''s Tag Team Championship with Sasha Banks

I''m just personally tired of seeing this group face each other week after week. This match-up requires little effort to get out of this game, but Natalya attempts to defeat Naomi in an Inside Cradle, and it''s turned into an Inside Cradle.

Naomi & Sasha Banks, still Champions, and Winners

We now noticeDrew Gulak backstage complaining toRicochet about his recent problems. Ricochet inspires him, and Gulak says he''ll putGunther in his place, which isn''t quite surprising, as he turns a corner to find the big man, and is immediately cut down.

Kofi Kingston vs Butch

A fun, fast-paced match with both guys'' talents being highlighted. Eventually,Sheamus distracts Kofi, which allows Butch to flee the Bitter End on him for the pinfall.

Winner: Butch

Next, we travel backstage to see Sami Zayn kissing up withPaul Heyman and ensure he''s still cool with Roman Reigns. Heyman tells him that Reigns appreciates him.

The Bloodline now goes to the ring and Reigns relishes the idea of RK-Bro''s challenge. Randy Orton and Riddle then head to the ring and demand an answer, which is a yes for next Friday''s. Riddle then knees Reigns in the face and they depart as the fight approaches.

What was actually a half-decent episode of this week. Lots of wrestling action and everything that happened outside of that was not incredibly annoying or awkward. Isn''t that a grand change of pace?

Till the next time friends!

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