From one side of the Lake Como comic art festival to another

From one side of the Lake Como comic art festival to another

No cosplay, no TV and no action figures. Just comic book artists and comic book art, in a place that is fitting to the beauty of that art, Lake Comic Comic Art Festival. I took a lot of pictures from the event as well as a From One Side Of The Show to The Other video.

Also, as well as last night''s opening gal, and today''s Art Auction, here''s a sneak peek at the first day of the Lake Como Comic Art Festival.

The audience will benefit from an entrance in every language.

Villa Erba''s grounds

And the conference center itself.

Not just the weather, it adds a bit of a San Diego flavour.

Everyone has to walk down the red carpet.

Mark Buckingham, the most well-known comics man, is married to his agent Joseph who do all the bad things. A big year for Mark, he is working on two long-awaited series, the return of Fables and Miracleman, so there is no pressure there.

Milo Manara''s longest line of music is

But his neighbour Frank Cho did not do well as the rest.

In his new Eternals work, Esad Ribic checks out the colors and patterns, putting them off the press.

While Liam Sharp flexes over his original artwork, he reveals the depth and scope of his material.

Dave McKean was a fan of his legendary art, which might have been somewhat underpriced.

As far as I could afford the Wolves In The Wall illustration.

While Olivier Coipel''s covers caused a storm on the internet, apparently naked women are fine, but naked men are fine? Nevertheless, it created for a rather hot exclusive cover for the new Blood Staines Teeth comic book from Image Comics.

At which point I think I''ll close up and let the rest of the photos speak for themselves, I want to go and get dinner, I hope that''s okay it does look quite wonderful and the smells are enticing me.

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