Season 3, Kristen/David Future, and More: Robert and Michelle King on Evil

Season 3, Kristen/David Future, and More: Robert and Michelle King on Evil

The Kings gave a preview of what to look for in their next season of the supernatural thriller series Originally available on CBS. Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, and Aasif Mandvi have moved their series exclusively to Paramount+. Without network TV, the streaming service facilitated violent and graphic creativity.

"I think horror is really a lot of times connected to comedy," Robert King said of a distinct tone. "Someone who is on edge and ready to scream is not that distant in emotion from someone on edge and laughing their head off." Season three will pick up where Kristen [Herbers] tearfully confesses to the newly-ordained David [Colter] Catholic priest how she murdered serial killer Orson [Darren Pettie before two kisses, which naturally have their own repercussions.

Evil Season 2 Loose Ends

"I think we had a similar issue coming out of season 1 into season 2, where you sort of paint yourself into a corner," Robert said. "Kristen has killed a man, so how did you get out of that? We felt the same thing from season 2, but literally, five seconds later, the issue of season 3 is introduced, which is: "What do you do with this attraction now that he is a priest, and she''s married?", and "That''s what drove us, furthering into what

The whole interview with David on Paramount+ is based on his new position as a priest in training. "It allowed us to get a little bit more into what we see of David by the Catholic Church."

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