What are you gonna do this weekend?

What are you gonna do this weekend?

It''s been a long week, but it''s finally arrived. Huzzah!

The end of the workweek means it''s time to kick back and play some games, and that''s exactly what we intend to do. If the mood strikes us, we may even make some pasta, garlic up some bread, and pour a nice glass of Moscato. Then again, it sounds like work. Best only to get some takeout instead.

This week, we''re conquering civilisations, getting into some cyberpunk, and exploring a word puzzle game.

Citizen Sleeper and Gamedec: James Billcliffe, Guides Editor

One weekend, two cyberpunk adventure games.

This week on Game Pass, you can get a really fun tabletop-style game, Citizen Sleeper, in which you play as an escape-indentured android in attempting to live a new life on a long-flung space station.

Even if the heavy dose of random chance raises the bpm, it''s no longer shaken any X-COM thing, where a 10% chance of something bad happens 95% of the time.

I''m also giving Gamedec, where you''re a metaverse PI who solves mysteries inside of game worlds on the less random, but equally adventure-friendly hand.

Not unlike Citizen Sleeper, it''s one of the games that propels you into making decisions to keep you progressing. However, there are so many choices and abilities I''m interested to see whether you can make much of a difference on the story or if you''re ending up at the same time either way.

Age of Empire 3: Definitive Edition, Maybe Banished, says Stephany Nunneley, the news editor.

I know I''m like a broken record with my gaming choices, but it''s difficult not to return to old favorites when you''re too busy to get into something new. This weekend, I will be playing Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition.

Before the next DLC will be released on May 26th, I want to focus on my skills. It adds Italy and Malta to the game, which sounds like something to be entertaining.

I''m glad to learn more about Banished as a kid. It''s been a long time since, and it''s one of my favorite games. Shining Rock Software is working on a new concept that is somewhat similar to Banished in gameplay, but which requires additional experimentation and focus on individuals. It follows a group of people who travel, build, and grow from a small group to a whole village. Sounds exactly in my wheelhouse.

Knotwords, Tom Orry''s Editor-in-Chief

Im slowly approaching the realization that I still have enough time in my life to play games in my free time. I still love them, read about them all the time, and play what I can, but often when I only have a few minutes here and there, little games like Wordle are the best I can.

Knotwords was fantastic to find it, and it''s free to download and play on mobile devices (with premium unlocks if you fancy having extra) and Steam. Right now, the daily challenge, which is free on mobile, is enough for me, but I''ve been forced to pay the full fee to unlock everything.

Why is it just the right amount of taxing and achievable. It is one of those games that makes you feel confident and that just maybe you did something others couldnt do. Essentially, you have to solve letter jumbles, but each set of letters only makes up a portion of a word, and it is also possible to include multiple words in a type of crossword formation.

It''s super clean and it''s not nearly as complicated as I expected. Give it a go if you prefer something other than Wordle to do on the regular.

For the weekend, here''s what you need to know.

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