Tephlon Funk, a small-Press Comic, will be brought to bookstores by Dark Horse

Tephlon Funk, a small-Press Comic, will be brought to bookstores by Dark Horse

Dark Horse Books has collaborated with Stephane Metayer, David Tako, and Nicolas Safe to bring their self-published comic, Tephlon Funk!, to comic shops, libraries, and bookstores worldwide, based on influences from NYC street culture, anime, and hip-hop.

Inez Jozlyn, a young adult, discovers a drug problem in New York City, where she finds herself in the midst of a drug war. This is a cultural activity, but it''s more than a fictional character. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and South Dakota are all on the rise.

  • INEZ JOZLYN14 YEARS OLDQUEENS, NYA sensible but troubled youth who has lost all hope. Inez can never seem to catch a break. Still, with her due diligence, she''''s determined to change that no matter what the consequences are
  • GABRIEL AINSLEY17 YEARS OLDBROOKLYN, NYVery charasmatic and fearless, Gabriel is notoriously known for his athletic prowess. However, he''''s not what others believe him to be. He''''s searching for something, but what exactly is it?
  • CAMERON PHOENIX24 YEARS OLDTHE BRONX, NYThe young and ambitious Cop with a very strong sense of justice, she''''s as sharp as a razor. Cameron''''s keen detective skills are unmatched. Anyone that gets in her way better watch out!
  • GISELLE RODRIGUEZ25 YEARS OLDNEW YORK, NYCooland laid-back, Giselle is constantly persued by all types of jerks. If only they knew that thisBartenderis also a sword wieldingBouncer. With a checkered past that comes back to haunt her.

The Tephlon Funk! Dark Horse Books paperback will be available at comic stores on the 16th of November and in bookstores on the 29th of November.

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