My First Monster, by Cecil Castellucci and Saazleen Khan's YA Graphic Novel

My First Monster, by Cecil Castellucci and Saazleen Khan's YA Graphic Novel

Cecil Castellucci and Shazleen Khan are developing a new YA graphic novel, which follows Amelia LaCouer, a new girl who is caught into an emotional abusive relationship with the most famous guy in school, who is, quite literally, a monster.

Cecil C. Castellucci, a Canadian young adult novelist, indie rocker, and filmmaker living in LA, has written for a graphic novel from the Minx imprint, followed by a sequel. She also wrote for Gerard Way''s DC imprint, Young Animal, which is then relaunched as a film.

Shazleen Khan, a London-based zine artist who forged Warren Pleece on the graphic novel, and is also designing the Webtoon strip BUUZA! about a misdialed number leads to an unexpected, long-distance romance.

In 2025,Andrea Colvin will be published at Little, Brown. Cecil Castellucci''s agent Kirby Kim at Janklow & Nesbit and Shazleen Khan''s agent Kurestin Armada at Root Literary negotiated the agreement for the YS graphic novel.

In 2019, Little, Brown was contacted to broaden their graphic novels list for years ahead, and Andre Colvin, previously of Lion Forge, was appointed editorial director, Graphic Publishing, to do just that. Creating new fiction and nonfiction graphic novels for ages, from early readers to young adults, has resulted in substantial growth in the graphic novel industry, according to Cecil Castellucci and Shazleen Khan. It''s also a sign of significant growth in bookstores, libraries, and book fairs in the

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