For the Lake Como Comic Art Festival, Frank Cho and Alan Davis artwork

For the Lake Como Comic Art Festival, Frank Cho and Alan Davis artwork

At the start of the day, I travel to Italy for the Lake Como Comic Art Festival, a show that is intimate and elegant and inviting only comic book artists to pay tribute. It is also possible to pay commissions, but original pages, or deal in comic-inspired artwork. But it also gives fans and collectors a much greater chance of one-on-one interactions with their heroes.

Frank Cho has been posting a number of items to Facebook that collectors have requested him to pick up from the show. Here are a few, as well as Frank Cho''s commentary.

I have to admit that this is one of the strangest art commissions requested. It''s not every day you get to draw a physical incarnation of time and one of the most powerful cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe. Nevertheless, this was a fun challenge to draw. Hopefully, the guy who commissioned me to draw this will benefit.

Another off-the-beaten path art commission for Lake Como Comic Art Festival is Katchoo and Francine from Terry Moore''s highly entertaining Strangers in Paradise comic book series. It was a pleasure to draw non-spandex female superhero characters for once. I might do more Stranger stuff down the road.

Druuna, work-in-progress. Working on an auction piece for a Lake Como Comic Art Festival art auction. I''ve had a great time painting Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri''s famous character, Druuna. I''m having a blast painting it. I''m a bit rusty, but I''m beginning to get the hang of it once more this Friday at the Lake Como Comic Art Festival opening night VIP event.

The first of several pre-show art commissions for the Lake Como Comic Art Festival has been completed (At Lake Como, Villa Erba. May 13 -15) I''ve had a while since I drawn Jungle Queen and her saber tooth cats. This moment, this image just flung out of me.

Although the show reveals that Alan Davis isn''t taking any prebook commissions but wanted to provide a sneak peek at some of his work available at the show. Finally, please contact his rep at

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