In Avengers #56 Advance Preview, Jane Foster is back in bed with Thor

In Avengers #56 Advance Preview, Jane Foster is back in bed with Thor

Here''s a sneak peek at the latest Thor: Love And Thunder movie, which has seen Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, take that role for the first time in the films. But the version of Avengers #56, which is expected to be another version entirely, is seen in the cover.

Remember that book from Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness about dreams as a window into other dimensional realities?

Is Fat Thor also getting a return? Either way, something is really up. And it is also potentially problematic.

The sequel to "The Saga Of Jane" isn''t always ending well for Sagas'' lead characters. Just look at the story, too.

In this version of reality, Thor also received Spanx, and Odin accepted Jane Foster and settled down in Asgard.

pigs are a sign that something is completely wrong with the world. As is Jane Foster, who is a housewife, sure, but the pigs are the dead giveaway.

What about paintings, dreams and opportunities? On the 25th of May, there will be another component entirely of paint.

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