WWE Promotes Raw with a Cursed Photoshop Graphic

WWE Promotes Raw with a Cursed Photoshop Graphic

WWE is a company with a market capital of 4.31 billion dollars capable of employing highly paid artists to produce cutting-edge graphics. Yet, this is the image the company created for tonight''s WWE Raw premiere.

As you can see, the graphic reveals new powers, like Bobby Lashley and MVP, who demonstrate the capability to phase their heads through a steel cage like Kitty Pryde. Even more impressively, MVP is able to do the same thing despite standing several feet behind Omos, showing a true mastery of reality manipulation.

Either that, or someone was too cradd to move the cage layer after it was discovered that it shouldn''t be outside the competition'' faces, thus they just erased the cage around them. This was evident by someone who is passionate about graphic design.

@fightbobby and @TheGiantOmos meet in a Steel Cage Match, and more!

Tonight''s #WWERaw is a peek!

@USA_Network pic.twitter.com/1vzAagZNjx 8/7c @USA_Network pic.twitter.com/1vzAagZNjx

WWE (@WWE) will be held on May 16, 2022.

"They tell me, Vlad, to make sure viewers can see Bobby Lashley, Omos, and MVP," said WWE intern Vlad Kozinkerov. "So that''s what I do."

According to reports, WWE officials backstage were so impressed with Kozinkerov''s cost-cutting photoshop skills, they promised not to fire him during the next round of layoffs, as long as he continues to work for free.

WWE Raw begins airing at 8E/7C on USA. Here''s all you need to know about the cage match from WWE.com:

As Bobby Lashley prepares to collide with "The Nigerian Giant," Omos in a steel cage, The All Mighty hopes to prove that he is just that.

After Lashley''s former manager turned his back on him to join Omos and cost him his match at the WrestleMania Backlash, The All Mighty is determined to get his hands on MVP and put him in The Hurt Lock.

To do this, he must first overcome the Omos, which is 7 feet 3, 403 pounds.

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