On Kickstarter, Viture's Immersive Smart Glasses surpassed $2.5 million

On Kickstarter, Viture's Immersive Smart Glasses surpassed $2.5 million

Viture''s Immersive Smart Glasses have reached $2.5 million so far. This is because it''s pretty clear people really want to get their hands on these glasses and neckwear as they''ll be available for $550 in October 2022. If you want to put money toward it, the company will be given eight days left to get in on the discount.

Viture collaborated with Layer, one of the world''s most prestigious design studios, to design the Viture One, which is designed to fit all of their aesthetic needs, while also giving you extra comfort and privacy. The temperature of the smart glasses is unchanged at all times, allowing users to experience enjoyable playing.

The Viture One is a proponent of excellence in cloud gaming, whether it be dealing with a AAA game or watching a 3D movie. The clever glasses plus neckband combo is also compatible with USB and Bluetooth devices, including external hard drives, game controllers, keyboards, and mice, and provides wireless projection capabilities.

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