AT&T Reveals Their Twitch Mentorship Class Of 2022

AT&T Reveals Their Twitch Mentorship Class Of 2022

As we know the Class of 2022, AT&T has revealed fresh information. The organization partnered with several individuals to help them reach new heights with a mentorship program. This week, the program will equip promising Twitch entrepreneurs with a golden opportunity to develop their careers.

We''ll see how the year unfolds for everybody involved as it isn''t just having someone provide you guidance, but also a lot of equipment, MKT support, and more behind-the-scenes that we''re not comfortable with. There''s great potential in everyone involved engaging in it all year round. You can watch the livestream VOD here.

The 2022 Q1 Selection Show featured six new Emerging Creators in the program, including a new mentor, LuluLuvely. This group of 12 emerging creators is grouped into two mentors established by Twitch partners to help their community grow. Additionally, AT&T will also assist up-and-comers through branded channels, career amplification, and world-class equipment. A group of six new Emerging Creators has been added to the program, including a Hacifu, who

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