Joseph Morgan Teases "Bond" Between Sanger and A Titan in Titans Season 4

Joseph Morgan Teases "Bond" Between Sanger and A Titan in Titans Season 4

After talking about HBO Max''s Titans Season 4, Joseph Morgan (Sebastian Sanger/Brother Blood) returned to Instagram earlier today, and let''s just say that he more than made up for the lost time. In a brief but important video clip, Morgan reveals that his character has "a lien" with one of the Titans, and that it''s "integral to the story we''re telling." I''m sure the truth is that if you want to get started, then you have to

Morgan''s article reveals some interesting Season 4 intel:

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Before the announcement was officially, Brenton Thwaites discussed with EW on his hopes for the fourth season in October 2021.

"I''d love to see a lot of Superboy character develop, especially if he is a team player, and really respects Dick''s morals and values," says Josh. "I think that''s one of my favorite characters. "I think Josh plays that very well."

"It''s All About the Villain" is a series that involves a villain or two. In the first season, it was Deathstroke. In the third, it was Crane. So I''m really interested to see who the season 4 villain is, or which of the many villains that will be in the series. So we might get it back together, and then we''ll see it again.

"There''s so many possibilities with ''Titans.'' We might go intergalactic to Tamran, and we might go to Earth, with this big alien explosion. Maybe Bruce Wayne is starting to develop himself and get his confidence. "It''s great to see him come to light and get his confidence."

Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing), Anna Diop (Koriand''sr / Kory Anders / Starfire), Teagan Croft(Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy),Minka Kelly (Jason Todd / Red Hood), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy / Wonder Girl), Joshua Welch (Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon), Jay Lycurgo (Tim Drake), Vincent Kartheiser

Morgan will be joined by Lisa Ambalavanar (Doctors) and Franka Potente (Taboo)- and who they''re presenting gives a clearer picture of the future. Morgan''s Sebastian Sanger aka Brother Blood is a simple, playful person with a dark energy, and Potente''s Mother Mayhem is a natural leader who always carries with her the dangers of violence while doing it. Ambalavanar, aka Mother Mayhem, is a prolific scientist who is adept

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