Melmetal V is the new Pokemon TCG Pokemon GO set

Melmetal V is the new Pokemon TCG Pokemon GO set

This special set will include cards from and promo cards associated with thePokemon TCG: Pokemon GO collaborative expansion. This set will begin to release on July 1st, 2022 with special, branded products, including an Elite Trainer Box, a Premium Collection, and Tins. It will include Pokemon associated with the game, including iconic items from the game, including Lures and Gifts. This set will also include artwork that makes it appear as if the Pokemon exists in the real world. Let''s get a look

The Melmetal pictured to the left is aSWSHBlack Star promo, which can only be obtained in V Battle Decks branded to this set, which I''ll be highlighting tomorrow, as well as a Mewtwo version.

Artistsagaji is responsible for the action-packed Melmetal V from the proper set as well as the Melmetal V from the V Battle Deck, which shows the Pokemon flexing as it walks down the street, capturing thatPokemon GO vibe so well.

Melmetal and Meltan are such major elements of this set, as they are the only species to ever be included in thePokemon GO series before any main series game. This was a significant move for Niantic, and it has not been repeated again. Also, theTCG recognizes the importance of this Melmetal spotlight.

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