The New Spy School Course Is Revealed at Two Point Campus

The New Spy School Course Is Revealed at Two Point Campus

As we get a better look at the Spy School, SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced a brand-new course. This is the place to start, as this campus option will consist of students breaking breaking down the rules of marksmanship, bomb defusal, escaping detection, spying on people. Below are all photos of the campus and previews.

With Two Point Campus, you''re ready to go for learning or just want to build an educational masterpiece. For the first time, build in the great outdoors by providing innovative approaches to your campus. Place benches, fountains, sculptures, and hedgerows in the open. You can also create stunning photographs of wildlife.

Rather than a typical academic performance, students in Two Point County will benefit from a wide spectrum of wild and wonderful courses: from Knight School (hey, we all have to learn jousting at some point in our lives) to the salivatory Gastronomy, where your students will produce mouth-watering concoctions like giant pizzas and enormous pies. Take advantage of the opportunity to spend even more time with the little ones in your university.

The academic year begins with a summer break, giving you the necessary time to keep everything working properly before your students arrive. Build libraries, hire the best staff (from eccentric professors to madcap researchers) and monitor your campus''s academic potential. Keep them entertained by clubs, societies, and events. Surround them with friends, provide them with pastoral care, and ensure they have the appropriate amount of joie de vivre to honor your university.

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