Quest's Aside, Shadow War, and an Amazing Spider-Man & Punisher are all covered in printwatch

Quest's Aside, Shadow War, and an Amazing Spider-Man & Punisher are all covered in printwatch

PrintWatch:Deathstroke Inc.#8 andRobin#13, respectively, will receive Second Printings on the 15th of May, with an on-sale date of the 7th of June.

Second Printing, done by Williamson and artist Paolo Pantalena, will feature a black-and-white version of the issue''s 1:25 link variant cover by Roger Cruz.

Correspondingly, Robin#13 Second Printing, by Williamson and Cruz, will come with a black-and-white version of that issue''s 1:25 connecting variant cover by Cruz.

Quests Aside #1, co-created by writer Brian Schirmer and artist Elena Gogou, has sold out and is being sent for a second round of printing, which is being paired with an RPG rulebook-inspired cover art. The new printing will be available on store shelves on June 8th, the same day as Quests Aside #2.

PrintWatch: The last few second printings from Marvel that we now have covers for include Amazing Spider-Man #1, Carnage #2, Knights Of X#1, andPunisher#2.

RATED T+In Shops: Jun 15, 2022 SRP: $5.99 for RATED T+In Shops: Jun 15, 2022 SRP: 128.99

PARIS MARVEL COMICS FOR PUNISHER #2 MAR228830 (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Jesus Saiz THE PUNISHER STORY TO END ALL PUNISHER STORIES CONTINUES! What was once the world''s most fearsome organization of ninjas and murderers has found itself defeated once and again by lesser foes. One priestess believes it''s because the Hand has

CLETUS KASADY, the only host of the dangerous CARNAGE symbiote known to be from the Marvel Universe, has been found a new home after the events of EXTREME CARNAGE. Final orders will be due for June 15, 2022, including $3.99.

MAR228833 (W) Tini Howard (A/CA) Bob Quinn THE QUEST BEGINS HERE, WHERE MUTANTS BEGINS HERE! Usurpers Merlyn and his right-hand man, King Arthur, are now in charge of the Lunatic Citadel. They wrestle with enemies of Krakoa, but their quest is going to become much bigger than it is. This essential piece of Krakoa, according to the RATED T+In stores: Jun 15, 20

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