Ultimate Squad: Demon God Towa SPR for Dragon Ball Super Previews

Ultimate Squad: Demon God Towa SPR for Dragon Ball Super Previews

The next official Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion will feature cards from the seventeenth main set, including cards based on Akira Toriyama''s adventures in the galaxy. The set, titled Ultimate Squad, will include posters that recreate scenes and feature characters from the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the cell Saga, the Cooler films, and the Red Ribbon Army. Bleeding Cool will provide a look at the upcoming cards from a collector''s perspective.

Towa is one of the main Dark Empire villains that was previously featured in the DBSCG sets for some time now. She, like Mira, who was the last Special Rare that we featured in yesterday''s preview, has a quite a few forms. Would she be a Dragon Ball villain if she didn''t? EvenXenoverse villains get to demonstrate that this is in fact not their final form.

This is Towa''s Demon God form, which is very different than her Demon Goddess form. Her hair takes on a Super Saiyan 3-style length and the golden aura around her, accented by the gold stamped foil that these textured SPRs get, indicates this character''s stunning power. Overall, another solid SPR from this set.

Are you excited for the final Unison Warrior Series set? Stay tuned for additional previews of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series BOOST Ultimate Squad. Follow this series by clicking the Ultimate Squad tag right here.

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