Meta Quest 2 has been officially announced by World Of Mechs

Meta Quest 2 has been officially announced by World Of Mechs

On Meta Quest 2, VR developers Studio 369 announced that it will release their upcoming armored combat title. This is meant to be the best possible experience you can have running a mech in a massive battle, with many weapons and challenges to choose from. However, no release date has been established for the game since October. So we''re guessing it will be available in 2022, but we''re guessing it will.

Enjoy the thrill of landing across city blocks with weapons fired and jump-jets engaged in this futuristic mech game. World Of Mechs is the only online competitive squad-based VR mech game that enables people to experience the thrill of flying across the city without carrying out a charge. Discover the thrill of engaging in a flanking charge with weapons ablaze and jump-jets engaged in one of the world''s most-feared launches. Utilize high-tech cloaking devices, piercing particle can

  • ONLINE ONSLAUGHT: Dive into the multiplayer VR arena with 3 friends to battle online foes on five maps in 4 modes.
  • COMBAT STYLES: Select from 32 mechs across 8 different class types to fit your combat style. Use special abilities to jam radar sensors, deploy landmines, and enable stealth cloaking.
  • SINGLE-PLAYER: Earn cash for upgrades and learn winning tactics in Campaign Mode.
  • BUILT FOR QUEST 2: Headset Targeting System and VR visual performance optimizations customized to enhance gameplay.

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