Japanese Pokemon TCG Japan Has Released A New Set Dark Phantasma

Japanese Pokemon TCG Japan Has Released A New Set Dark Phantasma

Dark Phantasma, a JapanesePokemon TCG set, will be released in Japan on Wednesday, as long as imported goods are expected for intentional collectors who purchase Japanese sets. This Zoroark-themed set will also include cards with certain Hisuian species in their Shiny counterpart, along with a unique reverse holo pattern.

This is what you should know aboutDark Phantasma:

  • Hisuian Zoroark makes its debut as a holo rare, V, and VSTAR. This is the mascot VSTAR of the set.
  • Other VSTARs inDark Phantasma include Magnezone VSTAR and Hisuian Goodra VSTAR.
  • Pokemon-V in this set include Hisuian Electrode, Magnezone, Enamorous, Gallade, Goodra, and Hisuian Zoroark.
  • Radiant Pokemon return and include Gallade, Steelix, and Hisuian Sneasler.
  • This set will include Character Rares and Character Super Rares in the Secret Rare section, which we will likely see in an English-language Trainer Gallery subset in Sword & Shield Lost Origin, coming in Summer 2022. CRs and CSRs include Pikachu Character Rare, Hisuian Arcanine Character Rare, Spiritomb Character Rare, Gengar Character Rare, Enamorous V Character Super Rare, and likely more.

The next English-language set, Sword & Shield Lost Origin, will likely include new Dark Phantasma cards as well as updates on all Pokemon TCG here at Bleeding Cool.

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