To Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft has released a new Nightmare Fog event

To Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft has released a new Nightmare Fog event

This week, Ubisoft has launched its latest event into Rainbow Six Extraction, where players will now be forced to face off against the Nightmare Fog. This is aimed to substantially increase the horror level in the game, as you''re now grappling with a new element in the pollution zone, as well as a new creature that will be difficult to kill. The event officially starts today and will run all the way until June 2nd. The following information will be posted on Facebook and social media.

This limited-time event will test each Operator''s senses as an unavoidable fog of toxins crosses the Containment Zone. This impressive upgrade also adds a new deadly enemy, Protean Vigil. Players can now earn additional XP to grind out their Operators by ten additional levels with a new Prestige system. Like players make their way through the Containment Zone, they will be exposed to a fog that increases their neurotoxin levels. Like enemy hallucinations

Players may discover a Neurostim supply case that can temporarily remove a portion of an Operator''s Neurotoxin level, but each Sub-map contains a limited amount of Neurostim supply cases. This limited supply enables players to adapt new approaches for incursions and be prepared to fight off psychedelic effects. Alongside Nightmare Fog, players may discover these additions:

  • Ten New Prestige progression levels
  • New Protean Vigil enemy
  • New REACT Rush Pistol
  • Five new Crisis Studies
  • Nightmare Fog themed Charms for players to keep
  • Extra XP towards Rainbow Six Extraction Milestone Progression

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