Japan's Dark Phantasma Preview on Pokemon TCG: Gallade V

Japan's Dark Phantasma Preview on Pokemon TCG: Gallade V

The next Pokemon TCG set will be released in Japan on May 13th and 2022. This set will include cards with certain Hisuian species that was previously considered "Sparkling" cards, according to the upcoming Japanese versions, and a unique reverse holo patter. This set, along with the upcoming Pokemon TCG set, will also feature cards from the Hisui region that later moved in. This set, which includes the previously mentioned Pokemon, will be designed for the first time in summer 2022.

If you''re a Gallade fan, you might have felt like you were on the verge of going hungry in this set, as one of the first cards that were shown off was Radiant Gardevoir, which was quite a bit more popular than Gallade, but it seemed as if this Fighting-type variant wouldn''t get its time to shine. In this set, we have a Gallade V, whose structure is very effective, and it''s incredible to see it in person with this foil and holographic

We may get some early ideas about what the English-language sets might include, so keep an eye on our coverage. Here at Bleeding Cool, you can stay tuned for previews of Dark Phantasma cards as well as updates on everything Pokemon TCG.

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