Hidden No More! Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker #2 Preview

Hidden No More! Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker #2 Preview

BOOM! Studios has released an early preview of Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker #2. That''s right, Rich Johnston didn''t have to hack this one of ComiXology before we could get to us, literally removing food off our table, Rich, you heartless sonuva Ahem The press release claims that "A Mysterious Secret Hidden for Decades is Revealed" in the issue, although frankly we think they should have been waiting until the last issue for the search for the titular planes

From the press release:

BOOM! Studios, which has been granted a license by Hasbro, Inc., and in partnership with Wizards of the Coast LLC, has announced today a first look at MAGIC: THE HIDDEN PLANESWALKER #2, the next issue in a brand new four-issue comic book series from Mairghread Scott (Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy), colorist Francesco Segala (All-New Firefly) with Gloria Martinelli, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, about

Liliana starts her quest for the mysterious planeswalker as she journeys to the legendary hero''s home plane, hoping to discover him before Master of Metal twists her unique abilities to his terrible purposes. But this dangerous new plane, which is locked up for the first time in fifty years, has the potential to open open.

MAGIC: THE HIDDEN PLANESWALKER #2 features main cover art by Karen S. Darboe (Noir is the New Black) as well as a set of connecting variant covers by award-winning artist Miguel Mercado (Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers) and star artists Valentina Remenar (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra) and Yanick Paquette (Wonder Woman) with Mat Lopes.

Check out the below video.

MAGIC HIDDEN PLANESWALKER #2 (OF 4) CVR A DARBOE MAR220834 (W) Mairghread Scott (A) Fabiana Mascolo (CA) Karen Darboe Liliana''s hunt for the mysterious planeswalker is beginning!

She ventures to the legendary hero''s home plane, determined to find her before the Master of Metal combines his impressive abilities to his terrible goals.

But this dangerous new plane has its own secrets, and its eyes are been unopened for the first time in fifty years. In Shops: May 25, 2022 SRP: $4.99

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