This month, D&D Beyond will release two 5th edition books

This month, D&D Beyond will release two 5th edition books

The Wizards of the Coast are now in charge of D&D Beyond. Today it appears that the team would be delisting Volo''s Guide to Monstersand Mordenkainen''s Tome of Foes on the service, thus eliminating the book from circulation online. After that date, you''ll still be able to purchase the books, though it''s unlikely they will be removed from the system altogether.

Why the abrupt move to remove these two books? Next week, the team will release the solo book Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse, which was recently published as part of the Rules Expansion Gift Set. That book slammed much of the content from those two books together, and updated much of what is in them. So basically, the other two books are somewhat obsolete to have on the market. Much like Volo''s and Xanathar''s Guide.

These adjustments aren''t new, but don''t be surprised if they become more frequent now that WotC is in charge of D&D Beyond. There are a number of things in the system that we''re sure the company will strive to clean up and streamline in different ways so that you get the most out of your account. By the way, those who still own those two books through the account may still use the old stat blocks and information if you wish, but it''s not like the content that was banned. This

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