About Us

LWN: Latest World News is a news web project, which primary goal is to cover the today's current situation, to allow our readers to stay tuned.

We launched the LWN project in the hard times, amidst the coronavirus pandemic since we believe that people must be acquainted with what's happening in the world without a delay.

Our mission is to provide urgent yet reliable news to shed the light on the current situation to our regular readers. We use only reliable sources and check every news or event before publication.

LWN is a young group of people who want to try their hands in the news industry. We follow the highest standards of journalism to cover the today's agenda.

If we made a mistake or accidentally published the incorrect information at LWN, please immediately report the issue by the means of the contact form. We don't want to mislead our readers, so we read such reports carefully and with the due attention. And of course, we eliminate such mistakes immediately.

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Michael Silverstein, CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Editor

Brad Rollins, Senior Editor

Ruth Vinney, Editor

Jessica Smith, Editor

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